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Normally, I would on Sunday, but I was invited to a Super Bowl Party. I am not a football fan, really I am not. I could careless about it, and if you have read any of my LJ personal journal, you would clearly see that I am not your typical "guy." But I do, enjoy the Super Bowl because normally I have some money on the game (superbowl pool). That being said, I care about the score and shall be watching to see if my block pops up so I can win some extra spending cash.

Fell a tad of topic.... but Saturday I am up for some Clan Wars. I know Alice usually hits Torment, which I am willing to go again... (same time??). But I could schedule in some Clan wars as well. Let me know. Ciao!


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Jan. 27th, 2009 12:40 pm (UTC)
I'm still training to do WGS, I got the Farming level but not the Herb level :(. Running out of herbs to literally "grind" >.>. But even then, if you do do Clan Warz, I'll come if I'm not at work :D.
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