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Clan PnW on Face Book....

We are still trying to expand our little group. I recently created a Facebook Group for all of us as well. I am hoping that this helps a bit with offline communication for all of us. I think that way we can also organize more events and what not. Please check us out at:


Join and promote as well. Thanks!

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I need to post the link to the zybez database here due to reasons pending on my post at runescapecommunity.com.


Clan Wars Sunday....

New Time for Clan Wars this Sunday.

Same world: 129


Hawaii 6AM
West Coast 9AM
Mountain: 10AM
Central: 11AM
Eastern: Noon
Atlantic: 1PM


Hope to see you all there. There is a possibility that another clan may join up with us (which I am hoping). If that does happen, then we might actually have a completely unbeatable day. See you Sunday.


Long time no posts...

hey everyone... I hope you are all doing well. I noticed that some of us have moved on in life. It happens. I personally have been busy with tons of offline projects and work.

Thanks to everyone who made the last get together. I would like to have more... but let me know what you would like to do. I have about 7 days left of vacation and am open to any events for this weekend. Please post for ideas, or we can just do another Clan Wars.

Short and simple. I need to head offline.. again.

Take care and hope to hear about you.

Clan Wars and/or Soul Wars

Not a big fan of Soul Wars, but I am down for a round or two.

Sunday, W129 for clan.... 44 for Soul. We can decide then. I really want to do Clan though.

Hawaii: 9AM
Pacific: 11AM
Mountain: 12PM
Central: 1PM
EAstern: 2PM
Atlantic: 3PM


Hope to see ya!
Normally, I would on Sunday, but I was invited to a Super Bowl Party. I am not a football fan, really I am not. I could careless about it, and if you have read any of my LJ personal journal, you would clearly see that I am not your typical "guy." But I do, enjoy the Super Bowl because normally I have some money on the game (superbowl pool). That being said, I care about the score and shall be watching to see if my block pops up so I can win some extra spending cash.

Fell a tad of topic.... but Saturday I am up for some Clan Wars. I know Alice usually hits Torment, which I am willing to go again... (same time??). But I could schedule in some Clan wars as well. Let me know. Ciao!

Clan Wars Sunday....

Three day week-end (for U.S. gamers)!! Woot wooot, let's enjoy it with some Clan wars!!

Event: Clan Wars
W: 129


Hawaii: 9:00 AM
Pacific: 11:00
Mountain: 12:00
Central: 1:00 (PM)
Eastern: 2:00 PM
Atlantic: 3:00PM

GMT: 7:00 PM


Clan Wars Saturday....

yes, Saturday.

So, here's the vitals:

Event: Clan Wars
W: 129


Hawaii: 9:00 AM
Pacific: 11:00
Mountain: 12:00
Central: 1:00 (PM)
Eastern: 2:00 PM
Atlantic: 3:00PM

GMT: 7:00 PM

Hope to see you all there.

And in other news:

I made 81 Crafting. Normally I don't post this, but I had to go to W150 just to get the level, as every world I went to, battlestaves were sold out. So, here's a pic of what W150 leveling looks like:

FYI: W150 is like super empty at night time. Furthermore, it's a coin share world, thus, perfect for team battling on God Wars, etc.... So, next time we want to do something dangerous as a clan, this world should be in consideration. Prep in English and then battle in French. Woot wooot.

Hope to see you Saturday.


Clan "DANGEROUS" Event today!!

Event: Zamorak God Dungeon

World: 64

Hawaii: 5PM
Pacific: 7PPM
Mountain: 8PM
Central: 9PM
Eastern: 10PM


What to bring:
Pay close attention. You may bring any armor you would like. I have 70 prayer and I am sure there are others attending who have it too, thus if and in the event, you die, we can bless your grave. However, bring what you don't mind losing, just in case.

You will NEED the following: Something Zamorakan (i.e. unholy symbol, unholy book, god cape, etc), Strong Armor, prayer pots, Anti Potion Pots, a tele tablet (house is highly recommended), and high healing food. I cannot stress the importance of the anti-poison potion. If you are poisoned, it will do 16HP worth of damage. NOw that is the bare minimum.

Summoning: I tested it out today. You can bring a familiar, but it will have to be dismissed at the bridge, however you can summon up a new one after you cross the bridge, so figure it out how you would like to work that.

Once you enter the icy water, please not that all your Prayer will be drained. Thus the need for prayer pots. If you plan to melee, then super strength and attack pots would come in handy, or Zammy and restore pots. I have some restore pots if you want them. I don't recommend maging, as it turns out to be fruitless.

Other tips to consider: wear something Saradomin to avoid being hit by Sara followers. If you have access to the spa, you can meet me there before we go. I will be there, soaking up in the springs for a little "added" touch. The energy restore pool does wonders for running.

If anyone else has any tips, please do post. I shall edit what I can before we go. If you're not meeting me at the spa, then I will meet you at Trollhiem five minutes after the above mentioned times. Thus allowing everyone a good 5 minutes to prep up. Please try to be on time. I have a lot of people who are excited about this (me included) so let's all try to be punctual. Take care and see you in game!