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Food Noobs - Eating = cheating?

Is eating in PVP cheating?

I personally eat whenever... anything that'll keep me alive, whatever it takes to win.
However I hear a lot of people use the term "Food Noob" and say "no eating" as if its cheating...
I figure if it gets the battle won, do it.
What's ur opinion?


Hi all, on Runescape I'm known as Gardenia Fae...
I'm still very much the noob, still learning, but overall I like to focus on combat skills, strength, and a few things such as firemaking, tree chopping, mining, etc.
Please add me!

Welcome Two New Memebers:

Please welcome:

spiritualcanvas and summoneryorda!!

Please post either to this entry your RSN so I can add you to my friend's list, or
Make an introductory post about you (the RS you, not the real life you, unless you want to tell us about you in real life too, completely optional).

Dangerous Event Tuesday...

As suggested by another member Penguinpawns, we shall be heading down to god wars to take one the Zammy God. I have to admit, I am becoming addicted to God Wars, especially after today where I came home with 1.9M in cash from a GWD run. So, I will be looking forward to this day, and I hope that you can make it.

Ok, that said, the info you need:

Event: Zammy God Dungeon Run

World: 65


Hawaii: 5PM
Pacific: 7PM (sorry Mix, I was off by one hour!)
Mountain: 8PM
Central: 9PM
Eastern: 10PM
Atlantic: 11PM (um, yeah lady, you may want to sit this one out too, but are more than welcome to come!!)

GMT: 3AM (will you seriously be up???)

What to bring:

High Healing food, something "zamorak," strong armor, super pots (if you plan to melee), Pray pots and MOST IMPORTANTLY SUPER ANTI POTS! the poison is really bad, you don't want to get it), etc... An escape plan (i.e. house tab), anything else?? Please post and I can edit as suggestions come in.

Me: I shall be ranging it with my ruby bolts. We do need someone to "tank" it for us... hopefully someone with "GREAT" armor would not mind doing the honors. I do believe summoning familiars are allowed in this dungeon as well... I shall do a bit more research on that.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Please post if you think you will be able to make it.

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year my fellow 'Scapers!! I hope that all your goals for '09 in Runescape go fulfilled.

By the way....


World: 129
Requirements: None!

Hawaii: 9AM
Pacific: 11AM
Mountain: 12PM
Central: 1PM
EAstern: 2PM
Atlantic: 3PM


Hope to see you there! Take care!

PC today and Dangerous Event

Just a reminder that we will be doing some Pest Control today. The world is still yet to be announced.

This coming Tuesday, we will be going to visit the queen! Yes, that's right, the Kalphite Queen.

Event: Kalphite Queen
Date: Tuesday, December 30, 2008
World: 64


Hawaii 7PM
Pacific: 9PM
Mountain: 10PM
Central: 11PM
Eastern: Midnight (12/31, for ya)
Atlantic: 1AM (Early Bird Special)

Dress appropriately, if you plan to attend. some suggested items:

Anti-Poison pots, good food (high healing), full verac's (or rune armor), Super set, quick get away (teleport runes, or home tab).

Hope to see you there. Cheers!

This Week's Events...

Wednesday: is no officially "Wicked Wednesday." Every Wednesday (well, most of them) shall feature a new "dangerous" event for us to partake in. Why Wednesday? Because any other day and the lands of Rune Scape would be full of other clans doing the same thing we are doing... gathering as a group to fight.

This week: Chaos Element. Oh yes, the mysterious blob that continue to float around in the wild. We shall be gathering for a face off in world 64 at the following times below:

Event: Chaos Element

World: 64


Hawaii: 7PM
Pacific: 9PM
Mountain: 10PM
Central: 11PM
EAstern: 12AM
Atlantic: 1AM


What to bring: you favorite style of combat, preferably, lunar magic, if you have it. We shall be trying to veng the poor thing. Anti-pots (or cure me/cure other spell runes). Curry, or pie item, for food (something that will hold its spot even after being eaten, to avoid lose of armor during combat), Terror-bird to carry food items. Anything else? Post, and I will edit.

Though our main focus is the "Chaos Element" Revs do pop up and attack. Please come prepare to fight against those as well.


Pest Control.

World: TBA


Hawaii: 9AM
Pacific: 11AM
Mountain: 12PM
Central: 1PM
EAstern: 2PM
Atlantic: 3PM


Just a day for us to get together and PC our skills up a tad. I know I could use some extra Def XP (or...HP for that matter). Let's go for it! Hope to see you there.

Other upcoming events to consider:

KQ, DAGs (Again), PVP pking, GWD, KBD, etc...


Also in January... I will be hitting 91 RC for sure... Please plan to attend my "91 RUNE CRAFTING Party" for your chance to get some free nats, win some money, and other prizes. I will have enough nats prep for this event and plan to invite others from other RS communities here on LJ. I decided I will limit the party only to LJ users (and people on my friends list). Yes you may invite someone as well. Hope to see you there!

*Note: This party will be held, after I obtain 91 RC

Clan Wars and other updates.

Very entertaining. I started with 8.8k deaths, dropped down to 5.3k deaths. Still have a lot, and that was after 3.5 hours of fighting. Open to any ideas later this week.

I would like to do some Chaos Element... anytakers??
RC update: Currenlty 230k away from 90.

When I hit 91, mad mad party my house. I shall be giving away some nats... I might even open up to public =O but don't hold your breath on that.

I will post on all RS communities here on LJ though. that much i will promise. Invite your friends for that mad mage bash.

You might see me post more within the next 2 weeks, as I am on winter break. I need to keep my mind busy to stay out of trouble. Tee hee.

Anyway, Please welcome kouji_mustang to the clan. I do hope he/she is active in posting and keeping up with us.

Take care and have a merry Christmas.


Kicking off Christmas with...

Clan Wars!!!!

Same times as usual. Same world. Hope to see you all there!

If you need to post the times, post here and I will edit later.

Take care

Sunday event...


Dragon plate demon: I would not mind, but there are members of the clan that would not be able to join us due to lack of requirements. Furthermore, I think that this is an event that we should do during the week-day to avoid the week-end rush.

Castle Wars: I would rather do Clan Wars, but if there is a push for Castle, then I am game.

Sacred Creations: I would not mind, I just don't thoroughly enjoy it. But I am open to playing if people want to.

Mole: might be crowded as it is the week-end.

Trawler? here's in idea. Can we gather enough members to join us in the trawler?? I am just throwing it out there.

Games at games room?? not combat based, and anyone can play.

Vinesweep?? Again, not combat based and anyone can play.

I am looking for something we all can do together. So, let me know. Post here. I will be on RS later today.

And in other news....

I am working on trying to get 90 RC before/on Christmas. Luckily, winter break is coming up, so I can no life it a bit to reach this goal. I wonder if I will make it?? Wish me luck. I currently sit 400k away from 90. If I can make it to under 300K by Friday, then I have a shot at hitting 90 on Christmas.

How about you?? What are you currently working on??